Enjoy some of the best wines in the Dayton area

Our elite wine selection is what makes Zink’s Meats & Fine Wines a hidden gem in Dayton. Our wines are simply satisfying and deliciously complex. We pride ourselves on quality wines for the right price. We strive to find a variety of wines that all palates (and budgets) can enjoy.

We offer wine tastings which is the perfect way to explore new wines and learn about their origins. You may even see a guest appearance from California winemakers that will tell the story of their wine including how it is made and foods that may be best paired with it.

Our wine pairing is the best in town. We offer a large flight of 6 or more wines, and we pair them with our delicious prime cut meats. So not only do you get to experience a flawless Cabernet Sauvignon, but also our juicy prime beef tenderloin as well. What are you waiting for?